No real reason, just doing some spring cleaning of people I don't talk to much anymore. If you want to be re-added please comment!

What the fuck kasia.

What the fuck.

I'm on the schedule for 3 days this week. You know I have to pay rent, you know I only took this job because I was promised five days a week. And still, the only people working less than me are high school kids. Why.

Someone give me a job. Please.

Edit: And also-

I hate bad advertising!

What about these commercials is supposed to make me want to buy a mac?!

All it accomplishes is making their "free thinkers" (why, of course that's what you are if all advertising tells you you are! Believe that mass media, you free thinkers, you!) feel cooler about being mac-users. YES! It's totally how marketing works! A+, Apple Corporation!

(Get offended. I'm not apologizing.)
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Friends cutttt

It bothers me having a huge list of people who aren't even really my friends :/

If you're reading this it probably means you won't be cut, but if I can't remember the last time you commented on here... unless I really enjoy reading your posts, you're probably out. If you enjoy reading my posts, feel free to comment and I'll re-add you :)

Obvs my real-life friends don't count, lol.

Tell me about where you live.

I hate it here. I hate Norwalk, I hate Connecticut, I hate the people and the climate and its auto-dependency. And TJ told me last night that if we find somewhere we're both happy, we can visit it a few times then, if we decide it's right, move there. But... I have no idea where to start.

SO here's my question. For everyone who doesn't live in CT (or who doesn't live in Norwalk, I'm open to other towns), what's it like? Or anyone who's going to school away from home.

Specifically I'm interested in:
Average/minimum wage
Greenness (I'm practically vegan, so having a good organic/natural/health food market is important to me) - including ease of public transportation. CT has a pretty good train system (around here at least), but there's no good way to get around town except driving.

I'd like to ask this of a larger community, but I really don't know where, so it'd be really cool if you guys could at least suggest some states or something >.< Please!