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o trespass sweetly urged - give me my sin again

if love be rough with you, be rough with with love

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The sea is a desert
with a perfect disguise
about me
I'm Aly, occasionally known as Miss Lumpy. I have a blog under the same name, the link is above. I'm 20 years old, or close enough! If you know astrology, I'm a double-Taurus Scorpio moon; if you're not, I'm a Taurus. My birthday is May 19th, which is also my favorite number! I'm a culinary arts & hospitality management major, and my dream is to someday own my own teahouse.

Lolita - the book and the fashion - reading, writing, painting, cooking/baking, blogging!, and pretending to be healthy

Speak to me in a language I don't understand and I'll love you forever!

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Ravenclaw is love.

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